A comprehensive cloud-based online Resort management software which is reliable and secure to manage your resort’s operations, like reservations, check-in, check-out, guest history, feedbacks, travel agents & companies.


Designed for Any Size of Resort Properties

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The Features

Front Desk
With an intuitive and simplified design, The owner of resort now can complete reservations, check ins and check outs at ease. Take a glimpse of your room stats on a daily, weekly or even monthly view, all changeable in one click.
Front Office Cashiering
A comprehensive module of mycloud PMS, amend, post or even cancel charges. Rearrange or print folios. Use quick search for an instant look up of a guest’s total balance. With all functions under one screen, complete prerequisites of checking out your guests, at ease.
Inbuilt Credit Card Processor
mycloud PMS is inclusive of a payment gateway which has an inbuilt credit card processor. No need for additional interfaces or programs, your guests can make online payments before they even arrive, through a safe and secure way.
Rooms and Rates Management
Rooms and Rates Management – Your resort, your rates. With mycloud PMS, define a season based on your demand. What’s more? Decide your cancellation policy for numerous rooms or even keep taxes inclusive or exclusive of room rates, all with one or couple of clicks.
Repeat Guests History
Guests’ desires? Returning guests? mycloud PMS has you covered. Records and past history mean that you can now offer a personalized service to any returning guest.
Travel Agents & Contracts
Managing and keeping track of all your Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) can be a rather challenging task. With mycloud PMS, view and make necessary amendments to rooms and rates in few clicks, all will be displayed to resort's owner on one screen.
mycloud PMS removes the pressure of your housekeeping staff with one-click actions. View room statuses, the current hotel position, as well as an hourly summary of expected departures and arrivals.
Accounts Receivable
View how much is outstanding and look up other details of the debtor as well. Identify aging accounts and take necessary action. mycloud PMS integration with these records mean that you lose no track of who owes you how much, keeping human intervention at the least.
Management Statistics
mycloud PMS is inclusive of a thorough management statistic tool, providing future occupancy trends as well as current stats based on various filters. It also includes your hotel’s cash and card settlements, making all the data required, visible under one screen.
Reporting and archives
"Too much information to track? Have all information divided beautifully into reports with a search bar for making it easier and less of a hassle. Also mycloud supports OFFLINE reporting which sends a backup of the reports every 3 hours! Reports may be printed, viewed on screen or exported to formats like .pdf, .xls and .csv. Check images are archived in a text format and can be reprinted. Operations and management reports can be printed for any period."

with mycloud PMS, export a report to excel for your monthly hotel review, email or even print it, for instant use. Essential reports are generated throughout the day. Arrivals, departures or guests’ final balance are few of the many emergency reports available should there be a system breakdown.
Different software issues? Now, mycloud offers interfaces with the world's best software for back office accounting, payment gateways and third party hardware interfaces. (paypal, sage, xero, smartLINK, pesapal etc)

In order for third party applications and systems to function in harmony with mycloud PMS, numerous interfaces are available, connecting you and making your hotel operations simple
Point of Sale
With minimal training, mucloud POS can deliver immediate improvdements across all functions of F&B operations. mycloud PMS offers unmatched services at your resort with unlimited point of sales to manage all your add-on services like SPA, Coffee Shop etc.
OTAs Management
Through your web site, using mycloud WBE – an integrated web booking engine that operates within a frame in your hotel or chain's web site. Want to resolve rate parity issue? mycloud WBE provides advanced rate and availability management, pool inventory and restrictive allocations features.
User Defined Billing Cycle
Transparent & flexible billing for groups and agents with special terms & billing instructions

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mycloud is very efficient hotel solution and can be setup very fast. After implementing mycloud I found that it improved overall efficiency of the front desk. mycloud Solution is very user friendly and extremely easy to understand and operate even for a first time user.

It has helped us improve our level of service. In a nutshell, I think it is a good system and I am really happy that it is helping us right now.

  • Moses Barnabas XVA Art Hotel

mycloud, property management system has been very helpful with managing and organizing our hotel operations. If I have have any questions, comments, or concerns, mycloud team is always willing to help me.

I always get a very quick response from them! Amazing support!

  • Audrey Stevens Legend of French Lick Resort

mycloud PMS runs at it best to ensure smoothness of our front office department, also keeping accurate track record of statistics for the management team in order to make vital decision.

  • Alex Bressers BYD Lofts Boutique Hotel & Serviced Apartments

We travel a lot and want to be able to see how the occupancy is at anytime. We wanted a technology, which could connect our HO to property and also help us manage multiple properties. With mycloud adoption not only have we streamlined our operations but also seen a 20% jump in occupancy.

It has allowed us to, with the same amount of staff, grow our company and plan for future growth.

  • Nesar N-Hospitality

The Benefits

  • Used Worldwide

    Our resort management software is used by over 1600 clients across 35 countries, properties worldwide rely on the resort software to run their day to day businesses online.

  • Save Time

    Focus on delivering better guest experiences while mycloud helps you run operations and manages your sales 24/7 for you. Tons of cool features that are forbidden to even think about in your traditional PMS

  • Customizable

    Easy to configure to the specific needs of your resort and easy to use with little or no training at all, create your own reports for specific management views.

  • Interfaces

    Built in Credit card processor to handle multiple payment gateways, and a library of over 175 software and hardware interfaces to companies that service the hotel industry.

  • Anytime Anywhere Access

    Anytime, anywhere access to your property operations.

  • No Hardware

    Web based resort management system requires no servers to maintain on site, use over any browser either on Windows or Mac.

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Resort as small as 2 rooms property to 50+ rooms city resort. mycloud provides extreme amount of customization, and users can setup parameters to suit their hotel property operations.